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Hello Guys! Im new to this website forum and decided to join for help and ideas with our shared circumstance. A little about me; I'm 24yo, tall, 210lbs, with mostly a slim to average build. I have been dealing with gynecomastia for approximately 12 years now. As with many others on here, I was told by doctors that it would go away when I turned 17 or 18. Soooooo, I dealt with it as I counted down the years, hiding it daily from peers and family with uncomfortable compression vests. Age 17 and 18 came and went, .......still there! I was in the best shape I had ever been when I went off to college by working out everyday and I was sitting at a nice 175-180 lbs with a flat stomach with a visible 4-pack of abs (the other two were being shy at the moment! Lol.), but the boobs were still there and getting larger. So then, I began to look up surgery and was shocked at the unbelievable prices for surgery. I tried to get financing, but for a 19yo college kid that already had loans sticking out from him like porcupine spikes! They weren't having it!

So, I waited and waited and waited again..... until now. I'm finally ready to LIVE MY LIFE like I should've been doing these last 12 years. I feel like I've missed out on so much because of this! It kills me to even think about it!

So, recently I have been looking for other surgeons. I was doing research and discovered that tyhere is a cosmetic surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico by the name of Dr. J. Salas At La Clinica de Ciruglia Cosmetica. Has anyone on this forum heard of him? If so, any stories? Good or bad? Please let me know. I'm looking to have my surgery as early as the end of July.


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