Author Topic: Can we please have a FAQ thread  (Read 4625 times)

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I find that everyday or two the same questions come up......not that people here should be mean about giving information out or anything, but I think a simple FAQ thread answering questions like....."what exercises will get rid of my gyne?"...."Will this pill work?"......and my new faveorite "This has soy in it. Am I going to make my gyne worse?"......."Does pot give you gyne?".......etc......etc.

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yeah would be a good idea  :)

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i'll try to put one together over the weekend if i can, been meaning to for a while. 
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I mentioned this to Merle a while back but he would not do a 'sticky' FAQ as there is already a FAQ link on the Home Page.  ' Dr. Delgado's FAQ '....

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