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What ever happened to the pictures that were on our posting from the past? I went on some of my old post and others as well and they are missing! Can they be replaced?  Members here have gone through a lot of work in hopes to help others, at least that is what I have done with my story " my story after all these years"! I sure hope that those pictures can be retrieved as I have not saved them!


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Seems like the,folder containing the images was either deleted or moved, thus breaking the links.  Does anyone maintain this forum anymore? It's a big disencentive to participate here without attachments.


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I'm beginning to think that their is no one maintaining the forum anymore!

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Try the "?Contact us" tab or go to and rattle their cage and see if we can get the problem fixed.  In fact, I think I'll do that as soon as I'm done posting this.


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