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- Surgery with Dr. Delgado - From East to West ( DETAILS...and I mean it)
Hello Everyone,

I'm going to do my best to explain EVERYTHING. Feel free to send me a PM and/or comment here if there's ANYTHING that you, the people, would like to know. I had my surgery with Dr. Delgado a few days ago, and now I'm going to tell you all my experience. And what a good one it was  :)

First of all, I'm a broke college student from the Tri-State area (Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, New Jersey, etc), basically from the east coast. I had a extremely severe case of Gynecomastia. In my opinion, it was as bad as they get. I found this site about a year ago and I was in almost disbelief, that I was going to get surgery eventually. In the forums, I've just been an observer mainly, scoping things out, checking out results. I've posted a few times awhile back to give some advice, but as far as questions, I've pretty much researched them myself and checked out what the people on this site had to say.

Having Gynecomastia sucks. I mean it just really sucks. I'm in a college student and since having found out that surgery is the ONLY option to get rid of this problem, I've tried my best to "make this happen". The problem I had was, "How on Earth am I going to pay for this?". I had to get this done FAST, I'm in college and pretty much broke. I did not want to start another semester of wasted potential. I just work part-time at a local job near campus, so saving up for this would take some time, and in my case, time is what I didn't really have. There's two wonderful options you have to pay for this, or if you're in college you can use your Student Loans (consider it personal expenses related to school). I went with, got a co-signer (you don't need one, but it helps get you more), and was ready to start shopping for a surgeon.

When finding a surgeon, you really really and I mean REALLY need to choose WISELY. I've researched a lot of surgeons from the East Coast and a lot of surgeons from the West Coast. Getting surgery is something very serious and it's your body, so treat it to the finest. I understand that money is an issue for many (including myself), but it's better safe and happy, than sorry and regretful. Having gynecomastia feels like you're in chains, and you want someone to break those chains off completely, not just losen them.

My final choices for getting this done was Dr. Delgado, Dr. Lo, and Dr. Rajagopol. I've also strongly considered Dr. Bermant, Dr. Jacobs, and many others. When looking to get this done, the philosophy in mind I had was to get a removal, not a reduction. Technically, I know they're all basically reductions, but keeping that removal state of mind, helped me pick the best surgeon possible. And that choice was Dr. Delgado.  Everyone else I've mentioned are great and wonderful doctors, I'm not putting anyone down, but I felt that Dr. Delgado is clearly above the competition by far. He's the ace and top dog. If you want Hollywood, then you want Dr. Delgado and his staff.

Dr. Delgado and his staff are brilliant. They go above and beyond. The extra distance. I hope you catch my drift. I contacted their office via email, telling them I was interested in the possibility of having surgery there. About a few days later, I received an email asking to send photos, because I'm on the East Coast. Soon after sending in photos for Dr. Delgado to review, I get a personal phone call consultation. At first, I was unable to answer, but he left a message for me. We were soon able to touch base and begin talking about getting this done.  The thing was for me, was that I had to have a co-signer and at the time, my mother would not co-sign for me, because she was not convinced that I had to fly all the way out to the West Coast, just to get surgery. I notified Dr. Delgado and his staff by email, asking if there's any way possible to help, and they helped. We had a phone conference between us (Dr. Delgado, myself, mother) and had a good chat. Also, Dr. Delgado sent me a DVD about everything to help ease my mom's worries, and to know that I was getting the best possible care and results possible. Dr. Delgado's staff are the best in the business. They are very knowledgeable and their care for you is so overwhelming. I literally fell in love with just the staff alone lol. After setting things up, they'll send you or you'll get a book covering everything you need to know. The size of the book is like a magazine; all related to you and your surgery specifically. The level of detail is amazing, you'll get all sorts of great information relating to what to do pre-op, post-op, work outs, recommended stuff to take and avoid, as well as other great and very informative information.

Hitting the Fast Forward button a bit, I flew out to the West Coast to where I was going to have my surgery. I stayed at the Best Western Novato Oaks Inn. You'll get a VIP discount rate with them. If you're going alone like me, I would highly recommend the Best Western Novato Oaks Inn. If you have someone going with you, you can probably find something a little cheaper to fit budget, etc.

Okay, now what everyone wants to hear, the surgery itself. The night before the surgery you'll receive a personal phone call from Dr. Delgado and Dr. Gaynor (anesthesiologist). I was scheduled for an early 7am time to be at the surgery site for surgery. As I arrived (free shuttle from the Best Western), I met my anesthesiologist Dr. Gaynor. He's fantastic. I was in the waiting area, rang the little door bell thing they had, and a few seconds later, he came in and gave me a quick tour for what to do. I changed in the changing room, put on my robe, and waited in the chair. I was then asked some questions about my health for safety reasons (confirmation). He was a really cool guy. Made me feel at ease. He asked me what type of music do I like and we actually had a good chat about some music related stuff. It was great. I felt very comfy there. Soon after, a beautiful nurse walked in who was going to be helping at with the surgery and taking care of me. I can't believe I forgot her name, but she's a very lovely and beautiful woman. She asked me some questions and we chatted a bit. Also, there was this dude with some cool tattoos on his arms who was going to help too. I forgot his name also, but he was a really cool guy. After using the bathroom, I was ready to go and get this thing over with. I had an IV put into me before I used the bathroom. I had my pre-op the same day, and Dr. Delgado came in to check me out and take some pics. He's a really down to earth dude. You can tell when he walks into the room, that he's experienced and he's ready to rock and roll. They gave me something to make me feel at ease, but I've felt calm without it, I didn't really notice a difference actually, but as I was going to the surgery room itself, I was thinking to myself, "omg, I'm about to be crucified" lol, but I wasn't nervous, I was really calm and happy that I was going to get this done. Right before I was put out, Dr. Gaynor asked me, "Think of a place beautiful place, where do you want to go?" I said, "Heaven" but then was thinking, "Oh crap! I do think it's beautiful, but I don't want to go yet." I can't remember if I said that out loud or if I was thinking that, but after saying, "Heaven", Dr. Gaynor, "Think of a beautiful island of women", then I said, "I'm going to meet this lovely girl". Then I think I heard laughing. I was told to take a few deep breathes, then the next thing you know, I was out. What was cool was that I think I had a dream while I was under. Like my whole pre-op visit when I arrived there at the surgery center was my dream while I was under. Like I visually went through everything again in a dream like format. All I could remember was that nurses, beautiful face and voice. Like an angel. Then, I heard Dr. Gaynor's voice, saying, "Wake up, take a deep breath." I felt perfect. I was tired resting, but like it's like the sleepy tired. But not just the sleepy tired, but like the really good feeling, like "yes i'm sleeping" feeling. When you talk, you're going to feel like you're drunk, but without being drunk. It's amazing. Dr. Gaynor did a wonderful job. Then I felt like I heard another angel's voice lol. It was Colleens. She was the person who helped set everything up and she does a marvelous job. What's really cool, is that she went to check up on me and was there. As soon as I heard her voice I wanted get up and say hi lol, but was recovering and just listened to everyone kind of chat. I was kind of zoning out, just chilling. I felt wonderful. The nurse then gave me some crackers, apple juice, and wanted to see how I would handle food post-surgery. It was great. I felt perfect. Also, after I chatted and met the nurse's husband who also worked there. It was great too. We had a lot in common and it was great meeting him. The thing I love about Dr. Delgado and his staff is that his practice feels like a championship team. Like a fantastic team. Unity. I think it's awesome, because you get a great vibe and sense of that. Like everyone there is on the same team and on the same page. After, when I was ready to go back to my hotel, I had to have a caretaker with me (which was taken care well in advance, Thank you Colleen), oh yea, about Colleen again, she's great. She's there for you every step of the way. From helping me set up a conferences, finding airports, hotels, shuttles, literally everything. Also, very pleasing on the eyes, such an angel  :). You know what's so great also? I was scheduled for 3-3.5 hours, but Dr. Delgado went above and beyond and my surgery lasted about 4 or more so hours. Like he makes sure the job is done. Like he does what he has to do to achieve the best results. I'm so blown away. Most doctors who I had a consult with said that my surgery will be able 1-2 hours.  Also, as someone who loves art and stuff, Dr. Delgado is a great artist. That's very important, because his patients are his works of art. I love that. After, my caretaker took me back to my hotel and we stayed overnight. The caretaker herself was very nice and sweet. A little pricey though, maybe a little too pricey, but safety first I guess. I felt very safe and had a good time with her. We chatted, watched TV, and chilled basically. The care was great. Right now, currently, I'm recovering, and feel wonderful. I'm really excited for what's ahead. I'm taking the recovery phase very serious and going to treat my body right, till then, I will do my best to keep everyone updated.

I WILL upload some pictures, I know I'm sorry, because pictures and results are what people want to see. I one of those who think "Pics or gtfo lol". Bear with me though, pictures will come soon.  :)

I want to thank God, my parents, Dr. Delgado and staff, this site, and everyone for making this happen. I know that everyone on this site, if you guys want it, will make it happen and have a success surgery. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Delgado and his staff. It may be pricey compared to some of the other doctors (who do okay), but again, I highly highly highly recommend Dr. Delgado. Like if you're thinking, "Who is the best in the world on this planet for this type of procedure?" The answer is Dr. Delgado. I'm so blown away and amazed. And I'm very early in the recovery process as well. I cannot even image what I'll look like as I'm further into the recovery process. No matter where you are, you can get it done and fly out to his office. I feel like a new person. I feel I have been freed some those chains (gynecomastia). And thanks for everyone on this site. Again, I will upload some  pre-op AND post-op pictures in the near future (preferably within a week or two). Till then, if money is an issue, check out, or if you're a student, look into using some of your student loans. Like in this case, this is something that you would want to do, to better one's quality of life. Do not let money be an issue (be reasonable though). Best of luck to everyone, and I'm looking forward to keeping everyone updated.

-Me (iFlow)

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Re: - Surgery with Dr. Delgado - From East to West ( DETAILS...and I mean it)
Nice post Delgado rocks!  He did a great job on me too.


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