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Hi All,

As mentioned in the title, I am now four days post op. Gland removal and liposuction.

Wanted to briefly share my experience so far with the board.

The procedure was performed under local anaesthetic with some pain relief.

I found the procedure itself to be almost pain free. Likewise, during the early stage of the recovery process I am currently going through, I have experienced minimal pain.

The first night sleep was a little uncomfortable with all of the bandages and extra padding. However, after the bandages/padding were removed on the second day, I am using the compression vest only, which I don't find uncomfortable at all.

In terms of the result I am very pleased with the appearance of my chest and nipples being much flatter, scars not particularly noticeable  even at this early stage, skin is fairly even and flat etc.

I found Dr Lanzer to be very professional and his nursing staff are extremely excellent. They were all very friendly and made me feel very relaxed during the whole process (and that is really saying something because I am not the easiest person to help feel relaxed!).

I put off undergoing this procedure for a long time fearing there may be major complications. So far my fears have been totally unfounded.

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Hi mate how much was the cost if you don't mind me asking


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