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i had surgery for mild gyno done by caridi 7 months ago with a pretty bad result

1. the preop assessment was inadequate. he spent one minute with me, did not examine me and did not explain the surgery/consent.

2. the surgery was done poorly, rushed and incomplete with a bad result. he did bad liposuction, very uneven and lopsided. he did excessive lipo on the right side and much less on the left side. he removed part of my right pec muscle fascia resulting in permanent deformity. this has left me with a significant asymmetry postop. the right side is a lot smaller now. he misused the vaser and caused second degree burns. this has left me with significant skin scaring, discoloration and burning pain on both sides. i now have to take neurontin to sleep. this is permanant irreversible damage. when i showed the second degree burns to the nurse post op, i was advised this was normal

3. i found post op communication with lacey and caridi deceptive, evasive, misleading and dishonest. initially he said the result was incredible. after three months, he acknowledged the asymmetry but said that this was swelling and fluid, which should settle with six months massage. he has not provided any explanation for any of these complications. NO answers to specific questions as to WHY uneven and lopsided? he said he was an expert and this has never happened before. he has stopped responding to emails asking further for advice and postop management for the ongoing worsening scar and tissue defect. he has effectively abandoned postop follow up

4. i have sought a seccond opinion from a local surgeon who has confirmed that i have a vaser burns contracture and dysthetic nerve damage from negligent use of the vaser. the scar tissue on the right is worsening as is the bad burning pain. he explained that the surgery was done by a technically inadequate and poorly trained surgeon resulting in a bad cosmetic result

5. in summary, i have had a disasterous result. in my case, caridi has done bad and negligent surgery. the manner in which he has conducted the follow up demonstrates his lack of professional standards.

i have submitted a complaint to the texas medical board about my experience

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I am so very sorry to hear about what happened to you & all the pain you’re going through. I live in Texas & am looking for a surgeon. I thought I found one in PlanoTx. that was recommended on this website. I was about to make an appointment for a consultation until I started reading the reviews on his website. One guy said he had surgery & after 15 months he still has burning pain at the surgery site. You think you can trust a Dr. & something like this happens. Hopefully you can find some help.


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