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Hi everyone,

I want to share my surgical experience with Dr. Delgado. I had a revision surgery performed by Dr. Delgado in mid-October. The first time I got an operation done a decade ago it was lipo only and glands remained. I was hoping this would be the last time I'd go under the knife to gain confidence to wear shirts etc.

I went in to the operating room in the late afternoon and emerged from anesthesia by evening. Unfortunately, there were three hematomas on the left side that were bleeding profusely so I was sent back in a second time. This second surgery on the left side lasted past midnight.

I've seen Dr. Delgado twice since the surgery, once to have the drains removed and more recently for a steroid injection. There continues to be significant pain and sensitivity from the surgery on both sides but especially on the left where he had to cauterize the bleeds. There is an especially acute painful spot under the nipple on the left side, maybe where a blood vessel or nerve was cut. The right side still has some gland left in it, and overall the gynecomastia is still visible and the left and right sides are asymmetrical. Dr. Delgado thinks this is not a big deal and is happy with the results.

Maybe due to outsized expectations, I have not gained the confidence in my appearance that I hoped for. Since going for another surgery seems too risky and expensive, I am going to work on accepting the body God gave. I decided to go with Dr. Delgado based on his nice personality and testimonials from other people, but if I could redo the decision I would probably choose someone else or not get the surgery.


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