Author Topic: Doctor claims I have gyno on one side? Opinions?  (Read 1316 times)

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Good evening everyone! Let me start off by saying that I’m trying to get this surgery covered by Tricare(military). 5’10 and 190 lbs. I’ve had gyno since my early teens. I’m 22 and it’s pretty evident that it’s not gonna go away. I noticed small discomfort when applying pressure to my chest or exercising for a long time to I went to my nearest medical clinic to talk to my doc. After examining my breasts and noting my symptoms, he concluded that I had gyno. He put in a referral for me to talk to a surgeon to get them removed. I went to my consultation with the surgeon and had me do some blood work and a mammogram. After my results came back, the surgeon said that she only saw gyno on my right breast when reviewing the mammogram. She also stated that my testosterone levels were low so she wouldn’t be able to perform surgery until my testosterone goes to it’s normal level. She referred me to an endocrinologist thereafter. After some more blood work, endocrinologist said my testosterone levels were normal and referred me back to the surgeon. I called for a follow up and she basically told me she would only be able to remove the gyno from my right breast. She claimed that my left side was just fat. Funny thing is that they are both symmetrical, both puff up, both cause discomfort, and both have the same hard lumps. They’re pretty noticeable and it’s not something I can lose by lowering my body fat. When I graduated boot camp 4 years ago, I came out weighing 140 and had the same puffy and hard breasts that I have now. I came out looking like a twig with boobs. She ended up prescribing me tamoxifen and told me to use it until I go in for my next appointment which is next week. How accurate are mammograms when checking for gyno and how do I convince her to allow me to get both sides removed? 

boobs are normal

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All Xrays are only as good as the Radiologist whom reads them!
Not very helpful to you making decisions (but true)

PS I am a qualified radiographer


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