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I usually do not write reviews for anything (Amazon, Yelp, etc.), but I really wanted to write this review because of the wonderful experience I had with Dr. Law and his team. I am in my mid-30s and have suffered from Gynecomastia since puberty. For years, I just assumed that my chest and my “puffy nipples” were just “genetics” or that I could eventually reduce the puffiness through exercise. A few years ago, I learned that my condition would require medical attention. Fast forward to 2019 and I finally decided to have a surgery.  Although there are plenty of plastic surgeons in my area (Virginia), none of them seemed to specialize in Gyno surgeries. I was hesitant to go to one of them because they did not have a large portfolio of pictures that showed their work. Each surgeon would only have 3-4 examples.

After doing some research, I found Dr. Law in Raleigh, NC. It was evident that Dr. Law specialized in Gynecomastia surgeries. His online portfolio showed dozens of examples. He also participates in this forum. I decided that going to a specialist was worth the travel.

Scheduling a consolation was easy. I called and received an appointment to see Dr. Law. When I arrived I immediately noticed that office was very clean and his staff was very professional. I was seen on time by Dr. Law. He was extremely polite and professional and went over my condition in detail. He also explained how the surgery would be performed and he answered all of my questions. He told me that I needed liposuction and excision of breast tissue. After the consultation was over, I knew that I did not want anyone else to operate on me. I scheduled my surgery right away and eagerly awaited the procedure.

Because I was out of town, I was in constant contact with Tracy, the Clinical Director of the Surgery Center. She provided me with a lab work order that I needed to complete prior to the surgery, as well as, prescriptions for medication that I needed to take before and after the surgery. I did the lab work at my doctor’s office at home and emailed the results to Dr. Law and filed the prescriptions at my local pharmacy. Additionally, Tracy provided me with all the pre- and post-surgery instructions. Tracy was truly amazing in this whole process, which was super easy, given the fact that I lived in another state.

My surgery was scheduled for 6:00 AM. I arrived in Raleigh, NC the night before and spent the night at one of the nearby hotels. On the morning of the surgery, I was required to arrive 10 min early. Once I arrived at Dr. Law’s office, the staff was ready to go and we immediately began pre-surgery procedures. It was really refreshing to go to a doctor’s office and NOT have to wait to be seen. Everyone was ready to go. I was told that the surgery would last approximately 2 hours.

Waking up from surgery was an interesting experience. I was definitely groggy and was tired/sleepy the rest of the day. After an hour or two (I don’t remember the exact time frame), I was able to get dressed and go home. When I woke up, I already noticed a huge difference in my chest. For the first time my chest was flat. I could not believe my eyes.

I was able to return home the same day (you will need someone to drive you…obviously!!). Later that day, I received a personal call from Dr. Law. He wanted to check in on me to see how I was doing and went over my post-care instructions. My follow up appointment was with Tracy two days later. Because I was out of town, we were able to do the follow up by phone. (I had the option to drive back to Raleigh, NC for an in-person appointment, but it was not necessary). Tracy again was very helpful and answered all my questions by phone.
I did not have any complications or issues following the surgery. After 2-3 days my pain was minimal. I did not have to take any prescription pain medications and only took Tylenol for 2-3 days. The biggest issue I had was getting used to sleeping on my back for the first few days and getting adjusted to the tight vest that I was wearing.

A week later, I drove to Raleigh, NC and saw Tracy in person. She removed my stiches and my bandages. I had some light bruising and swelling. I could not believe how good everything looked, even just one week following the surgery. I was beyond excited. The difference was AMAZING.

Over the court of next 4-6 weeks, I continued to have contact with Tracy. She would check up on me and I would email her with any follow up questions that I had. Tracy would respond to my emails right away. I simply cannot state how impressed I was with Dr. Law’s work and the follow-up care by Tracy.

I am writing this review 12 weeks post op. My chest and nipples are flat. The overall nipple size is reduced as well. I do not notice any scars around my nipples, which is amazing. The swelling and overall discomfort went away approximately at approximately 6-8 weeks following the surgery. Everything healed nicely.  I would highly recommend Dr. Law to anyone thinking about Gynecomastia surgery. Even if you are out of town like me, I think it’s worth traveling in order to get the best results. I had a wonderful experience and the results are simply phenomenal.

I wish I would have done this 10 years ago. I recently went to the beach and was comfortable for the first time in my life. I didn’t worry whether or not someone was looking at my chest. Also, I no longer have to wear multiple shirts/layers, which was a pain in the ass, especially in summer time.

Anyway, sorry for the long review, I really could go on forever with this experience. If you are on this site looking for a great surgeon, please see Dr. Law and his wonderful team.

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Thank you for sharing your experience, it's cool to see some recent success. I wish I lived on the east coast, seems like there are a lot of options for surgeons at more reasonable rates than here on the west coast. We have some real good surgeons, but they definitely come with the Cali price tag. What did yours cost if you dont mind me asking? 


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