Author Topic: gynecomastia surgery with Dr. Karidis  (Read 2475 times)

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Hi everyone
I am 17 and i have a moderate case of gynecomastia. After a whole year on encouraging my mum to let me have this procejure, she finally agrees. I went to Dr. Karidis on 18 th december and he was so busy that the earliest was 6th march. Thankfully it is only about 7 and a half weeks from now and i am looking forward to it. At the consultation, he said he will take out all of the fat and glandular tissue, so im quite excited and looking forward for the surgery. On the pre op info sheet, it says that 98-99% of the gland is removed. Thats so good man. The surgery costs £4329 and yeah thats it. Can anyone who hqd had yhis surgery tell me how the results are? And whether when you sit down leaning forward, do you still have a very flat chest? Also i lift weights, should i go light or normal after 10 days after surgery?

Feel free to comment and tell me your experiences

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You probably want to wait more like 3-4 weeks before lifting any sorts of weights, even longer for chest press, etc.

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Hey Sarma.

Did you have the surgery? How was it and how are you feeling?


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