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My Experience With Dr. Law (Blue Water Spa)
Let me start by saying that I can't believe I am posting on this form, now on the "other side" (Post op) as I remember year's ago looking to this website and reading testimonials about people who were on the "other side".

So I am writing this 1 year post op and my surgery and the proceeding recovery has been nothing short of life altering (in a good way).

With that said, I am writing this to illustrate my experience with Dr. Law of Blue Water Spa. 

After 10 years of living in fear, missing summer experiences, being afraid of pools, walking with poor posture (defense/hiding behavior), I finally met the man who would transform my life. Any man who has lived with "puffy" nipples or any form of gyno. understands how debilitating it can be, mentally. For 10 year's I asked God why me. I would come out of changing rooms and just want to leave the mall after I saw my chest in the warm environment. I would look at shirts and just think about how nice it would be to wear something like that. Honestly, I still have that fear but that is simply just due to 10 years of avoiding certain fabrics/styles of shirts. Now I am forcing myself to branch out, and try to feel comfortable in clothing previously not accessible to me. I have to periodically look down at my chest and see that everything is still flat just to remind myself that I am okay, but afterwards, once I see it still it, I just smile, roll my shoulders down and back, and walk with a bit more confidence. Confidence in myself is also something else I have finally been able to start developing rather than feeding self-hate. It is still ongoing and is nowhere near where it need's to be, but it is coming more and more everyday.

As for the direct experience with Dr. Law and the whole Blue Water Spa staff, I can say that they were nothing short of welcoming, warm, and compassionate the whole time. I had experienced other surgeons who literally told me my case wasn't worth there time??? simply because they wanted major cases and I guess being a fit individual just with puffy nipples due to just the glads being enlarges wasn't enough for them. Some surgeons took a little bit of time to look at it but then quickly went right into selling and I just didn't feel comfortable with them saying "I see, I see" because they would hardly spend anytime really looking at my chest after I took my shirt off in the cold consulting room. I specify cold because in the cold my nipples would contract and look normal, but in the warm or if they had a chance to acclimate then that gland would begin to rear it's "ugly head". 

Nevertheless, Dr. Law allowed time for the gland to start to protrude outward and not only that, then he grabbed his markers, began illustrating on my chest how the surgery would go, where the incisions would be made, and he really felt around the gland to truly grasp what I was living with and what needed to be done. I had been to a few different offices for consulting but after I left Dr. Law's I called my friends and parents and said this is it. He is the one I am going with. Fast forward, I have been able to grow in the direction of positive self-development rather than destructive self-hate. I have been able to work on battling my anxiety that centered around and stemmed from this (still a work in progress). For the longest time my anxiety from this had the leg up on me and crushed me mentally, but ever since Feb. 4th of 2019, I have been able to make forward progress into conquering it, but I have accepted anxiety is multi-faceted and I may always have some form of it, but at least I can look down at my chest now to remind myself not to be afraid. I can walk with my shoulders down and back and chest out. I can lay next to a woman and not feel the need to worry about doing maneuvers to keep my nipples contracted/ having the room cold. I can walk on the beach and feel the sun and not be afraid. I can finally live. 

Thank You Dr. Law and the entire Blue Water Spa Staff (specifically, those I worked with directly, Tracy, Angela, Debbie).


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