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Hi I am new here. Well I was a member years ago, when this was a very small website.I am very happy to see this site has grown into what it is today. I hope this is where I can inquire about surgeons. 
 I found 2 surgeons on the “top gynecomastia surgeons” section. I live in Texas. My question is has anyone had surgery with Dr. Dr. Wilcox or Dr. Morrissey/profile">Dr. Dr. Morrissey in Plano,Tx ? I checked out their website & was very impressed, but looked at the reviews on their website & one man said he had surgery & 15 months later he still has nerve pain & numbness at the surgery site, and finally the Dr. told him there was nothing more he could do for him. So of course this is very concerning to me. I just wondered if anyone has used either Dr. ? Thanks


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