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My Story in Brief:
I have suffered from gynecomastia for as long as I can remember.  It was a subject of ridicule and bullying as a child, and even though I lost weight and played sports I still retained what was an embarassing appearance to me.
Prior to college, I had a corrective surgery done by a local plastic surgeon.  While he did remove the tissue, he left deep craters in both of my breasts that then became almost an opposite source of insecurity.  At times, even my then-girlfriend would comment or make a cruel joke about them (we're no longer together).
I lived with this unfortunate surgery result for years before finding Dr. Elliot Jacobs in NYC, who said he was able to get me improved results by a fat flap surgery correction.  I appreciated that he kept me grounded throughout his estimations - not promising miracles or perfect results, but improvement for sure.
I was quite nervous to go under the knife again, to be honest, but did pull the trigger to have Dr. Jacobs perform the fat flap corrective surgery.  The results were great, and the doctor really significantly corrected the deep craters that made me nearly as insecure as I was originally as a kid.
So, if you're in need of a corrective surgery, or considering Dr. Jacobs in NYC, I do recommend his office.

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Hi Mre215, glad it worked out, are you able to share before and after photos?


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