Author Topic: Post Op Concerns  (Read 2913 times)

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Hi everyone,
 Well I had my surgery on Feb. 25th and although I've never had an experience like that before Im sure the surgery itself went well.  But I do have some questions that im hoping some of you can answer:
( Im a little over 3wks post op )

1.) My nipples are still slightly folded over, where the crease is mainly on the this normal at this stage?
2.) I was told that I can take off the vest at 3wks post-op but should I hold out longer (6wks) to be on the safe side?
3.) I still have fat around the nipples closer to the armpit..does this flatten out eventually after the scar tissue?
4.) At 3wks can I look forward to any more change as far as overall form and flatness of my chest??

Thanks for any answers/ comments I appreciate anything you can contribute


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  • Gyne free, is the way to be!
One of my nips has a slight fold in it also . It should tighten up over time.
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Well I finally had my surgery done and im concerned about my left nipple ... its inverted!! I have surgical tape around it but its looks like there is a scar tissue underneath it as well ... so it bulges out
its not that a big deal but bothering me makes my chest look like
THE ROCK when i flex??!?

Im 2 weeks post op.... and worried any suggestions?

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  • Gyne sucks
what do you mean "THE ROCK"?
Please, Jesus, make my gyne go away!

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  • Finally gyne-free
what do you mean "THE ROCK"?

I assume he means that he has noticeable craters in his chest. Is this true gollum?

If you watch the Rock's movie "Walking Tall" you will notice that he has big intentions/craters where he had his gyne cut out. I have the same cratery feel where mine was cut out.

I'd rather a crater go in than a big mother-nip stick out.


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