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I had my chest, flanks and abdominal done at Lanka Hospitals with Dr. Thushan Beneragama. He did an amazing job. Im an American who works here and did a lot of research before the surgery, no visible scars about a 70% reduction in abdominal 75% in the chest area and 50% on the flanks. The cost was 265,000 Lankan Rupees with 1 overnight stay in the hospital. He did not have to cut around my nipple area which he said he might have to but once he was operating said it was not necessary. Only issue was not much details on what will happen after the surgery or on recovery tips, I used the internet to figure most of it out. I kept thinking that I should fly back and do it in America but this was as good as any American doctor, I could not be happier. I wont be on this site much so I might not be able to ans any questions that's why I'm trying to ans everything here now for anyone who might be curious. I went to him in Jan 2013 but only did the surgery in June 2013 because I was doing research and could not find anything on him. Please note that his website is also down, I think this is because he is to busy and cant maintain it. Getting back to work took me 6 days did the operation on Wednesday and went back to work on Monday, decent amount of pain and swelling and bruising followed but bruising and pain now gone 2 weeks later. Swelling is still there. Good Luck


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