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got my puffy nipple corrected finally after 12 years had it from age of 14.
Height:187 cm,Weight: 157 pounds.No smoking/alcohol/recreational drugs.
Stopped gymming abt a year ago,used to do lot of push ups hoping to get rid of it nothin helped.
Consulted members in this forum,did my own research got an appointment and finally surgery.

Surgeon     : Karl O Wustrack
Location    : West Linn Plastic Surgery,Oregon
Cost         : 4000$
Procedure  : Excision with Lipo had drains attached for 3 days.
duration    : Admitted 7 AM discharged around 1.00 PM same day.
medication:was on antibiotics for a week and vicodin 2 days post op.
Abdominal binder used as a compression vest.

Dr Wustrack was pretty much straightforward in his approach explained me which area of chest incision will be done(below the nipple),post op recovery time ,cost etc.
Very caring hospital staff and I am very much satisfied with the procedure.

Pre op:

Post op:

Just stick to the regime prescribed by the surgeon and do maintain good levels of hygiene around you to prevent infection post op.
thanks again for all the info provided by members of this forum.


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