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   Hi everyone. I know a while back another member posted an experience about having surgery in TJ w/ Dr. Caloca...after reading his diary I decided to do my own research about the surgery. I live in the L.A. area and did not want to pay the ridiculous US plastic surgeon prices that they charge.
 I emailed Dr. Caloca, asking a few questions. Dr. Caloca asked me to send a couple of pictures and answered all of my questions quite concisely. I decided to go ahead w/ the surgey after quite a few email exchanges...feeling quite comfortable.
 I scheduled my preop for a friday and my surgery for the day after on saturday. All in all it was a pretty interesting experiences as I've never been to Mexico. I drove down and stayed in San Ysidro which is about a 15 minute walk to the border. I checked in at the motel 6, cost about $50, and I just walked right across and took a cab that was across the street to the Doctor's office. It doesn't cost more than $5. I was about four hours early since I didn't know how long any of this would take, but Dr. Caloca was nice enough to take me within like 15 mins.
  After consulting with Dr. Caloca I felt completely comfortable for having him as my surgeon. He speaks English very well and gave me good honest answers to my questions. (For example I asked if the gland could be removed..and he honestly told me that he has to leave a small portion so the nipple doesn't die...another P.S. told me yes no problem it can all be removed). More importantly, I didn't have a major case of gyno, mostly glandular on a muscular physique which made it stand out. However the Dr. was very patient in listening to exactly what I was looking for. He was honest and upfront..he told me most of my problems could be fixed but that some of them arose not from gyno (such as length of the actual nipple). Anyway I thought it was very important that Dr. Caloca listened to exactly what I was saying even about the small details. I had gyno surgery once before and the doctor wasn't talkative at all and didn't even ask me what I was seeking to achieve. Dr. Caloca though espicially focused on my desired results. Dr. Caloca gave me a script for some anti-biotics and a very mild pain killer which I picked up. I'm not sure what the border policy is but I just put them in my pocket and was waived right on thru on the way back w/o any questions. Dr. Caloca had told me that he hasn't had any problems since he writes a prescription.
  I went to my motel and basically did nothing for the rest of the day except eat and look for magazines that had pictures that I could show Dr. Caloca about my desired results (btw there is no magazine store in this town in case your trying to find reading material).
 The next day I woke up and checked out (by 12pm but I asked to check out early cause I'm not sure how long I would be in surgery). I then walked to the border and took a cab down to the office. I met the anesthisologist and he went over some basic stuff...friendly guy. Then I had some before pictures taken...and also spent about 15 mins showing pictures of what my desired results were. Again I thought it was awesome how Dr. Caloca really focused on what I wanted done..including the shape of the pec etc...
  Finally I changed into robes and went to the room for surgery. I was under local+sedation I believe but I wiped out completely. Luckily I had told the anesthisologist that I had been under general once before and it made me nautious. He said he'd control it as to minimize side effects (which in fact worked I was not nautious at all nor sick in anyway). After waking up I was then placed in a warm room (because I was freezing) and allowed to sleep for a little bit. Dr. Caloca eventually came in and showed me what he removed. Apparently there was more glandular growth than we both had thought. It came out to be about 20cc's worth of gland. I thought that was cool as well that I actually was shown what was removed.
 Afterwards I was pretty bandaged up, so I took a cab to the border and then a cab back to where I left my car. I then had a friend drive me home to LA b/cuz it was recommended that I don't drive for a week.
 Although I took the week off from school I did have to go out a few times to get food...but I kept it to a minimal and postponed it till I had literally eaten everything in my house (I should have planned ahead and bought groceries).
 In terms of the surgery...I was in some pain for the first few days but not its just a general soreness by my lymph nodes..nothing too bad. At lot of the swelling has gone down although I have some scar tissue. Nobody would be able to notice though...I'm just so paranoid from having gyno that I can pick up the most minute details. Even w/ that intense scrutiny it looks almost perfect to me and im only 7 days post op. I'm sure by the time all is done ill be more than 100% satisified.
 Total Cost that I spent ended about being around $3000 for surgery, meds, hotel, food, magazines etc... Surgery costs usually vary b/t 2500-3500 I think depending on the case. Like I said I had a very minor one.
 I'm on the path to recovery now and everything is going well. I boughy myself a compression vest from underworks and am using that...I like it better than the bandages.
  All in all I highly recommend Dr. Caloca. This is the second time I've had the surgery, the first was by a pretty popular NYC doctor. And I personally felt a lot more comfortable having the surgery done w/ someone who listened to exactly what I was looking to achieve. I definetly would recommend Dr. Caloca to anyone. I understand that some people might be skeptics about having surgery in Mexico...and I can understand that...but as to my experience I don't think its possible for the surgey to have gone any better than it did. Its very cost effective and like I said I thought the Dr. Caloca was really cool. So far my results indicate that as well!!!
Hope this helps anyone considering surgery w/ Dr. Caloca.

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So far from the e-mails I have done with him in fall he is a good guy.  He even let me have the cost of it being done the same after the new year(was supposed to rise).

Anyway, I have my surgery planned in august once i get the dough together...1/5 the way there.

And mine is like's going to be about 2500, it's an above average of a mild case.

Question, did he fix your long nipples?  I have that in one nipple, just wondering.

By the way, have any pics?  thanks
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