Author Topic: A very late review of my surgery experience with Dr. Rick Silverman  (Read 1636 times)

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**Keep in mind this surgery was years ago with Dr. Silverman. I even forget what year I had it done.**

Let me start off with that I had previous gynecomastia surgery combined with flanks with a local surgeon before Dr. Silverman and the result was s***. The gynecomastia had grown back and they were almost nearly as big as they were before. I also have huge scarring around my flanks to where other doctors have asked what the hell I went through when I took off my shirt.

I had setup the appointment with his office after going back and forth on many choices of surgeon's recommended here in the forums. I considered many doctors both in and out of state so I was willing to travel. After many months of deliberating I decided to make an appointment with him. While the consultation felt scripted, I could tell he had done this speech many times before and he seemed to want to get through it to go over everything, most importantly managing expectations. After the speech he examined me and answered my questions in a manner that I found professional. His demeanor did not feel fake or felt like I was pushed into the surgery. I did not get any grandstanding that I got with another surgeon I had consulted with before him. Right on spot I scheduled surgery with him a few days later.

The surgery went through without a hiccup. I went back to my hotel and recovered for a few days before heading back home.  He excised the glands in both sides which had grown back into a "golf ball" in his own words. Which was true! When it came time to take the wrap off the difference was night and day. While I did not look like a male model, and I never expected to (managing expectations!). I was happy with the result.

Now many years later they have not grown back and I have the same post operation size.

Unfortunately because of life, I never followed up with Dr. Silverman (Sorry Doc!). But I never really felt the need to follow up as I considered the results good. While the surgery was expensive, like any surgery will be, it was money well spent.

If anyone is considering this surgery in the northeast USA I would recommend at least consulting with Dr. Silverman. While I made a snap decision to schedule surgery with him before I left the building, I would recommend others to seek out other surgeons who do gynecomastia surgery on a regular basis. While there is an investment with time and money, remember it is your body and only you will have to live with the ramifications of a horrible surgeon. Take care!


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