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An update on my life. I discovered this forum 6 months ago and went through with surgery two months ago. I feel so much better after the surgery.

A little back story. I asked for my parents help on finding a surgeon and getting things set up, one year ago. They laughed at me. "You'll get over it", they said. Eventually they forgot that I ever brought it up. Luckily I had the fortune of living in the house during the summer. I used that time to work my butt off to make the money. Business as usual, I had the surgery.

Skip to today. I don't think about my puffy nipples anymore. They used to stick out all the time. The summers were the worst. But now, I can wear whatever shirts I like. I'm starting to wear shirts with colors. The scars are barely noticeable, so swimming is just another sport. Not something to be afraid of. This is the best $4600 I've ever spent.

I currently have a small amount of swelling underneath my right nipple. But like the surgeons on this forum and my surgeon have said, it should go away within a couple of months. I'm feeling very optimistic.

Somewhat related, there's something I realized from this entire process. I was living for my parents as a model son and college student. I had hoped they would've accepted me eventually, as in pay for my surgery or support me in my time of need. They never did. What I realized is that all my life I had been trying to please my parents with no happiness on my part.

I played competitive clarinet since I was 9. I joined marching band because apparently it would help with my admissions into college. I got a full scholarship to a decent university in my state. I majored in something I hated because I didn't want to disappoint my father. I've been controlled my entire life. My parents loved me conditionally. I was just an asset. My feelings didn't matter.

Bear with me. There are some on this forum who do not have understanding parents. This part is for you. You've dealt with a lot of unfairness. If your parents did not love you as mine didn't, then I'd highly recommend doing some reconnaissance and discovering yourself. The best way to do that is to ask yourself the right questions. Maybe move out.
I'm going to drop out of college soon as I've received an offer as an apprenticeship for a local Electrician's union (IBEW). It's something I have an interest in. I'll give this a shot, not sure if I'll fail or not. I'm in the process of moving out my toxic household and living my own life.

Having this surgery didn't just boost my confidence, it allowed me to explore new situations without fear. 

I had this condition since I was 13 years old and I never quite understood why I felt so ashamed of my body. No one gave me guidance. But you guys did. I can't express my gratitude for this website. It has helped me overcome my biggest insecurity. Here's to you. I hope that others may find inspiration.

Thank you.

P.S I'll post pictures in a couple months, when everything is fully healed. Also, leave a comment if I wrote off-topic.


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