Author Topic: Alex Karidis, London. 3 years post. Been waiting!  (Read 2329 times)

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So i had teenage gyno, always been into bodybuilding but no steriods etc ever. Was so embarrassed quit all my fun bc didnt even want to wear tight tops.

3 years post surgery, best decision I ever made.

My top tips:

before surgery get your weight down, don't need a 6 pack. but all your fat cells in your chest are going, gonna look odd if you're not leanish.
after putting weight on is odd bc doesnt look right, got to stay leanish afterwards.
Building a proper chest will make a million x difference in appearance.

Karidis is probs most expensive option in europe, but he is by far the best, and I cannot recommend enough. He is a sculpter.

Right pec in particular, was nearly 40g of tissue.

Please please please take the plunge, so worth it!

Edit: mainly gland with small amount of fat removed!


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