Author Topic: Feel so gr8 for my bf. Thank you so much Dr. Srinjoy Saha.  (Read 4592 times)

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Hi everyone. Wanted to share the experience of my bf. We are from Kolkata, India. Reading this forum gave us the courage to go for surgery. My bf used to be very shy in his college days in Jadavpur University and it took a lot of coaxing to get him out of his shell. Apparently, the main reason was his man boobs.
We went to Dr. Srinjoy Saha in his clinic in Rawdon street near minto park. He was referred by a friend of mine, who had a great experience with him as well. Dr. Saha was very warm and friendly and guided us during our consultation. After thinking a lot, we decided to go only for liposuction. It was done in a good day care center; but my bf was very afraid before surgery. However the good doctor calmed us down and gave us hope. After about an hour or so, he came with a large bowl full of yellow liquid, saying that all the fat in my bf's chest was out. My bf did very well, and we went home after a few hours.
After surgery, my bf had to wear pressure garments for sometime. The cut marks were tiny and not understandable at all. Finally, one day, I saw that my bf was gradually changing in his attitude, becoming more bold and confident. He told me that his chest skin had stuck on very well, and that it is impossible to tell that he ever had man boobs. It was like magic! I'm so proud of my bf nowadays.
Thank you so much for everything Dr. Srinjoy Saha. May god bless you!


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