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Hello All,

I wanted to share my experience and story, because it has affected my life so much. I have had gynecomastia since I was probably 9 or 10 years old, and it tormented me for many years. I was always self-conscious about it, never wanted to take my shirt off in public, felt uncomfortable in t-shirts, and would always slouch over to hide it. In fact, I think I slouched so much during my developmental years that I don't know if I will ever be able to stand up fully straight again without a lot of effort. The condition progressively got worse to the point where I would avoid social situations where I might have to take my shirt off, got really depressed about it, and felt hopeless for many years.

I started researching surgery in my late 20s.  However, cost was always the biggest issue. The other issue stemmed from the surgeons I saw at the time made the surgery sound scary. For example, I would have to have skin removal, have big, permanent scars, have my nipples cut out and relocated, and so on. If I didn't do all of that, it wouldn't be flat and I would have saggy skin. I decided at 42 to finally have the surgery, but ended up interviewing 5 surgeons before I had it done. 3 out of 5 in the present wanted to do skin removal.

I met with Dr. Gregg Anigian in Dallas, Texas, and he assured me that I could have surgery without skin removal. He was a breast specialist, so that made me feel more comfortable. Since I had been told by numerous surgeons that I needed skin removal and everything else, I was nervous just doing the sculping approach. However, I decided that I could always do the skin removal if this didn't work, avoidance of scars was a big concern for me, and while I can always do more surgery, it's hard to go back if the skin removal is done from the beginning.

I had surgery in August of 2021. Currently about two and a half months out. I'm very pleased with the results. My chest isn't 100% flat, but I am still a little swollen, and I know as that starts to go away, it will improve more. More than anything, I want to be realistic with my expectations. I'll never have a "perfect" body.

Since surgery, this has been life changing. I stand up straighter, I'm comfortable in my clothes, and I no longer have a problem taking my shirt off when swimming. My only regret is not doing this surgery sooner in life, but I'm so thankful that I had it done.
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I'm happy for you!
My story is almost identical except I waited til 57 to have it done. I remember being afraid of scars and being way too expensive for my income at the time. It's a shame, all those years would have been so much better with the chest I have now. Better clothes, better feelings about my body. It's a big thing.

I recently got Kenalog shots around each nipple and it's cause the boobs to shrink more. Add that to some recent weight loss and some daily lifting and I'm feeling/looking like a million bucks. The surgery has been life changing.
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