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So I'm showing my fiancee my old messages on this board as I told her I had a surgery 5 years ago.    It's almost like reading someone else's messages.  I can't believe how hung up on my chest I was.

My surgery was pretty good, it made stuff look better, but 5 years later I'm laughing about how now it's not my chest I'm obsessed about.  Now I've gained weight since I don't work out as much and I'm getting into mid 30's and losing my hair, and now I'm thinking "if only I were thinner...if only I had more hair, etc. I'd be happy).  What I've realized is there will always be something that I'll be self-conscious of and I really shouldn't give a shit, but it's a lot harder said than done.

Am I happy I had the surgery (yes), although I still have a little scarring.    I'm still laughing that I paid $5k for it.   The surgery for me wasn't too bad but I did have some complications (look up my old posts and pictures).

Anyways I guess you'd say I was really happy with the surgery because immediately after the surgery I forgot all about this board and my chest insecurities.     I feel for you all who are in the same boat as I was 5 years ago.   Good luck to you all

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Thanks for checking in. Although its probably mostly a whole new crowd here. good to hear u dont regret surgery. How did your chest react to you gaining weight post surgery? Do you have gyne again?
I just had surgery. looking forward to a full recovery


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