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I have been dealing with this for 26 years.  Haven't been shirtless on a beach since 1999 when it REALLY started becoming noticeable since I was getting heavier.  Starting lurking here circa 2004, looking for the "miracle cure", etc.  When one of my kids mentioned "boobies" when talking about me, that was it.  Saw a plastic surgeon finally 6 years ago, he quoted me $5k and I couldn't afford it.  On a whim, I recently changed insurance and searched my condition.  Covered.  Had the surgery.  Won't bore you with details, but I cried the first time I pulled off the bandages and looked in the mirror.  This is who I SHOULD have been the last 26 years.  Tree hugging "you were always the same person" nonsense aside, WE all know that it holds us back in so many areas, mainly self confidence.  Now, I look in the mirror  (3 weeks out tomorrow) and I feel like a new man.  It is amazing the transformation one can go through in such a SHORT period of time when we have endured such a LONG period of suffering. 

I wore a t-shirt the other day, in public, for the first time in 20 years.  TWENTY years.  It was as unbelievable feeling, just being able to walk around in a T-shirt without hunching forward, curling shoulders, pulling the front out, etc.  I walked around as a man.  Confidence overflowing.  Tyson could have come around the corner and I would have bit HIS ear off.

The reason I am posting here finally is that I want people sitting on the fence to not have to endure 26 years of what I have.  The ridicule, embarrassment, limitations, hiding.  DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO TO GET THE SURGERY.  I have made a promise to myself.  At my 1 year followup appointment, I am going to make the following offer to my surgeon:
you get to pick 1 person, under 21, that you feel most deserves this surgery and I will pay for it if they cannot.  Success has started shining on my career choices and due to some life changing events recently, my perspectives have changed.  If I can spend $5k and help a deserving soul not suffer like I have, then it is worth 50 times that.  If I had done this 2o years ago, a LOT of choices in my life would have been much easier.  And less limited. 

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An inspiring story -- thanks for sharing!

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Happy to read your post op situation. My surgery will be 21st ;D
Has been 7 years with gyno for me ... better late than never.

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Wow! what a great story. Thanks for sharing!


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