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I wanted to provide an update at six weeks. The revision surgery was much easier that the first time. No complications, pain minimal and healing quick.  Despite challenges when revising – there were none encountered and goes to show you same surgeon and team and different body response.

My issue was notable asymmetry on the right from the last surgery. Left was great. Right was flabby and not so good. I would say now, after this revision that while still asymmetrical – it is much less notable and I can accept the way it looks now and move on with my life.   The surgeon was very well regarded in my area – all the credentials – and more importantly he stuck to his promise to revise me for a minimal fee if I was unhappy with the results.

There are big difference between perfection... and acceptance of reasonable results. At my age and weight, I think my chest now looks “acceptable” and nothing that anyone would point to as unusual for a middle aged guy like me. The link below was helpful as I considered revision and looked at my results so far at 6 weeks.

My story with Gynecomastia was long and complicated and tied into my battles with testicular cancer many many years ago. The combination of these surgeries and some individual therapy has brought me finally to a place of reasonable peace on this issue.

Thanks to all the men here and their posts - surgery - or no surgery - who have found acceptance and moved on

 – GreatLakes

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This is very good to hear! Congrats!

Now, you need to stick around to encourage others, as many do not!

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Glad to hear that you are now satisfied.

You have a very mature outlook about results -- one that I think more on the forum should pay attention to.  That is, an acceptance of reasonable results.  In plastic surgery, we call this "realistic expectations."  Bottom line:  with the best surgeon in the world and with the patient following doctor's order 100%, one does not always end up with a perfect result because Mother Nature also has a hand.  Therefore, one has to be accepting of improvement (and sometimes significant improvement) and not pursue absolute perfection (Lexus is the only brand that does that!).

As an aside, do you recall the story of Michael Jackson never being content with the results of his nose  surgery?  He eventually had so many operations that the entire nose collapsed and he had to wear a plastic nose for his appearances.  'Nuf said.

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Wow! That was very well said and to the point Dr. Jacobs! I hope that everyone takes the time to read it, and ponder it for some time, and I mean enough time to sink in!

Bob, "someone who likes common sense, and simplisticity"!

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well, I had the same experience with my gastric sleeve surgery. It s amazing how we felt same things


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