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I am aware that there are a fair few threads on here dealing with recommended weights and exercises at the gym.  I have been to the gym a fair few times and I really dislike the environment.  

Do any of you have any suggestions for exercises I can do with dumbbells at home?  Without the bench I am struggling to think of ways to work out my pectoral muscles.  Assuming press-ups will help? Is there anything I can do with the dumbbells?

Thank you

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Get a bowflex, works great for me!

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if you want to focus on the pecs i would suggest
dips are great (need just two chairs)
and thrusters (with dumbbells)  are fat burners

Good Luck  ;D

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If you can buy yourself a pullup bar. You can get ones that attach to a door frame I believe. Although I got an ironmongers to make one for my garden wall and it is much better as Iam too tall for the doorframe one as my head hits the ceiling.... ;D.

I find pullups give your upper chest a good stretch after pressups etc and seem to lift the chest a little. They are also a great exercise for the back and pretty good for your biceps too.  
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get a barbell and a pullup bar... then you can workout your entire body.

bent over rows
squats (look up Hindu Squats)
shoulder presses
pull to chins
skull crushers
good morning excercises
etc, etc, etc... if you have enough weight and/or do enough reps you can get a good workout with pretty simple equipment

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Bench Press With Dumbells

P.S  Warrior... Pull ups work your back or your biceps depending the way you grip the bar.. With your fingers facing your head it is back and biceps
With wrist facing your head then it is back only and you can get a nice back doing it....

You can work out your chest and forearms from hangs.  Hang on the bar for about a minute with your fingers facing you... works more forearm but still helps a little on the chest

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Get a bowflex, works great for me!

whats that ?
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