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i’m a 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo. i also study isshinryu karate- yellow belt. i‘ve been at karate for awhile just haven’t had an opportunity to test for green, or higher.  i also do some jujitsu. and weapons which may be my favorite area of study.

i am wondering if any else in the crowd studies martial arts?  🥋 

if you do, is gynecomastia an issue? my girls are somewhere in the 38a - 38b range. some slow growth but getting more feminine. i can really feel the jiggle/bouncing during high impact activities. but so far not a lot of pain or chafing. i wear a gi, which easily hides a bra. i’ve worn a maidenform sports bra which really helped. but just haven’t had the need to wear a bra more frequently.

if you do martial arts, what style and belt? is gyne an issue and how do you manage it? have you been kicked in the chest? i am thinking a kick to the breast could really hurt. i’ve unintentionally kicked some women in the chest and hurt them. they were high ranked like me so i feel bad. but not that bad. 😃

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 I've got a 1st degree black belt in taekwondo. I've started wearing a sports bra because of the jiggling and the ever-increasing risk of slipping out while stretching. My dobok is quite low-cut so I need to wear a t-shirt to hide the sports bra.

 Not been kicked in the boob yet, fortunately I'm quite good at blocking but something like this might help Ladies Chest Protector Guard Sports Bra for Karate,Taekwondo,mma,Boxing | eBay

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I posted on this about a year ago. 
I wound up purchasing these:

They have to be put into a bra to wear, but any sports bra typically will work. 
They take a bit to get use to, but work. 

I haven't been in a dojo for almost 25+ years, and during the pandemic started to work out again.   There are multiple videos on throughtube that talks about this very subject.  
Given that I have studied multi versions, I don't hold any degree. Just defensive. But learning to take a hit and fall down is at the core of all martial arts. These helped me. 

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I dont do any martial art at all but its great to find a post  any post at all that birdie hasnt commented on at least three times


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I dont do any martial art at all but its great to find a post  any post at all that birdie hasnt commented on at least three times
I don’t do any martial art at all but its great to find a post any post at all that birdie hasn’t commented on at least three times
I hope you are proud of yourself Delboy because of your rude comment Birdy has left this group! Does it bring you pleasure to tear someone down who is just trying to live his life with a few friends?

I am so disgusted with a few people here for how they have behaved and how little they cared for someone that was just a kind human being! So go ahead and laugh all you want Delboy I am sure your 5 posts will be able to make up for someone that posted daily. Could you not see this was more to him than just a group, it was how he spent his day and it gave him enjoyment, it gave him meaning! Birdy loved coming in and sharing his day with us, and all from a wheelchair I might add!

So I hope those few (and you know exactly who you are) are proud of yourselves because you have run off many a good person.

This will be my last post because I was almost out the door from someone messaging me and threatening to expose my email!

I hope you’re happy with yourselves. I am not as nice as Birdy so I am not going to wish you luck, I'm gonna tell you to GO TO HELL!

To those that have been friends here I am sorry. But you folks need to get control of those that gleefully bully those that just are sharing their hearts with this group.


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