Author Topic: Cardio + tensor?  (Read 2567 times)

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2 weeks post op.
I want to start cardio...
is that a bad idea - i think the doc said it was fine for cardio..
would i wear my tensor when i run?
thoughts on this?

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i would think that you want to keep the commpression.

The most important thing is if you feel any discomfort or pressure, stop. This is healing time, allowing a couple extra weeks would probably be the safest.
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regarding wearing the tensor, i think taking it off while running/biking shouldn't be a problem.

regarding if you should be working out already.

it all depends on what your doc tells you. remember, gyne surgery can be anything from tumescent liposuction w/open technique (which is gland + fat removal, no stiches) to a sub-catenous mastectomy (slice. cut. stitch).

obviously, there would be *great* differences in healing periods depending on what technique was applied on you.

moreover, how you heal. that's got lots to do with it..

remember, the bottom line is.. how you feel. if you feel fit, and if you honestly feel that you are able to go do high impact aerobics.. then i say go ahead and do it..

but if you feel discomfort while doing it. then stop. remember, pain is one way your body tells you to stop doing whatever is causing you pain.

listen to your body during these crucial times.


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