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Here is another tip for those who are trying to combat excess estrogen and prolactin naturally.  Honey is a relatively rich source of a chemical called chrysin. Chrysin acts in the same way as Boron, blocking the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. In a 21 day study on people in Italy, it was found that eating honey did reduce the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

Now you can add something sweet to go along with your B6 and Zinc.


The word 'honeymoon' comes from an old Viking tradition, where newlyweds were given a month to get to know each other. During that month, they were encouraged to drink lots of mead, which is a wine made from honey. Vikings considered mead both an aphrodisiac and fertility enhancer.

The idea that honey is good for sex is widespread, and may have some scientific basis, although the cows haven't come home on this just yet. But there are some interesting scientific dots that aphrodisiology tries to connect:
The most interesting research on honey is related to nitric oxide - a key hormone involved in opening blood vessels and creating erections and clitoral engorement. A good dose of honey (around 3 ounces) can increase nitric oxide/nitrite levels in the blood by 50%. The increase in nitric oxide activity was also measured in the saliva and urine, which suggests a real, whole-body effect. This is less than Viagra, but could be significant for some people. ( PMID 15383235)

The January 2007 issue of Penthouse Magazine listed honey as one of the "5 Surefire Ways to Jump-Start Your Engine." Their explanation? "The sticky stuff contains a mineral called boron, which enhances testosterone levels, puts you in the mood more often, and intensifies your orgasm. How's that for buzz?"

Aprhrodisiology wrote about Boron a while back, and we agree that boron can have beneficial effects on testosterone metabolism. But honey does not contain that much boron. Golden goo contains about 7 milligrams of boron per kilogram of honey - more than many foods, but not a huge amount. Prunes, raisins and other dried fruit have about 3 times more boron, and most nuts have at least twice as much Boron as honey. And Boron supplements are dirt cheap.

In addition to Boron, honey is a relatively rich source of a chemical called chrysin. Chrysin acts in the same way as Boron, blocking the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. In a 21 day study on people in Italy, it was found that eating honey did reduce the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Unfortunately, at day 21, testosterone levels were not any higher ... so chrysin-rich honey can't be called a super testosterone booster. But there may have been a short term boost before the body established equilibrium (the scientists didn't measure that), and it is also probable that maintaing testosterone while lowering estrogen slightly might improve some peoples sexual chemistry.

Honey is great for pouring on and licking off your partner (Pictorial). Many experienced women feel that it is best to keep honey on the upper half of the torso, as the sugar might feed a yeast infection if it got into the private areas.

Some people (including my friend Van) are wild about tupelo honey, which comes from the nectar of the swamp tupelo in the southern United States. I myself am partial to orange blossom honey and gallberry/palmetto honey. Clover is the most common honey in stores; clover honey is lightly colored and mild - some would say bland.

While science hasn't bothered to unravel all the mysteries of honey, we do know a few other things. Honey starts out as nectar and pollen - plant sperm. Yes, Victoria, birds do it, bees do it, and plants also do it. And the male plants invest a large amount of metabolic resources into producing their spermy pollen.

Then the bees get a hold of the nectar and pollen, and they swallow it, add a few digestive enzymes, and return to the hive where they regurgitate it for storage.

We know that honey has a wide variety of medicinal activities. It fights bacteria and viruses and encourages burns to heal. Consuming honey on a regular basis can lower a person's cholesterol ... not trying to switch you away from your Zocor or Lipitor, just pointing out that honey really can do some incredible things to the human metabolism.(PMID:15117561)

Some of the fragrant chemicals found in honey include:

cinnamyl alcohol
cinnamic acid
neryl and geranyl nitrile
homovanillyl alcohol
p-methoxy-cinnamic acid
ferulic acid
The compounds that look like the word cinnamon are in fact found in Cinnamon, another substance that has real aphrodisiac properties. Homovanillyl alcohol? A relative of vanilla flavoring, another common food/perfume ingredient that positively affects mood and libido.

Honey is also loaded with waxy compounds that may or may not have lots of great effects on the human body, depending on which study you read.
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Then lets grab all the honey we can before it runs out!!!!! Hurry. If you dont believe me look up CCD (Colony Colapse disorder)

Its a bad bad situation and honey is getting more expensive. I love honey it goes great on anything especially in tea.

seriously what would be worse if you added honey? tell me.

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I followed the link and found a rather interesting though tongue in cheek site. Not necessarily anything I would throw out, But not anything to take too seriously either. It really was fun though.

It reminded me of an old adage: For some women, the sight of their husband changing a diaper, washing dishes, or operating a vacuum cleaner are such turn ons that those acts almost count as foreplay.

For most of us the event that caused Gynecomastia or prevented its regression occurred at least two years before we seriously took notice of the condition. Meaning that trying to find a cause now is akin to closing the gate after the horses have wandered.
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You can also get diandalymethane or D.I.M. for short at a vitamin store. Its a natural anti e. Works great.

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What honey are they talking about exactly...there are many different types on the supermarket shelves, depending on which flower the bee got its nectar from, what sort of bee etc... And it wouldn't surprised me if some of them are watered down and have sugar added.  And what about the processing - heat treating etc does that removed the health benefits?

I'm always on the lookout for ways to decrease estrogen (naturally of course) so I'd like to know more.
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cool i eat honey every morning on my toast and porrige love the stuff...  if thats true about lowering estorogen all the more better.. good topic 8)

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maybe thats why winnie the pooh dont have gyne after all with a big jar honey beside him... =)

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yeah ive heard DIM is great, its brocolli extract


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