Author Topic: 'diet aid of questionable value' and andractim for minor gyne?  (Read 3210 times)

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I don't have enlarged nipples but do notice a very very minor gland behind the nipple....I know it's not all fat because I've been doing cardio and that small area is not shrinking as fast....I don't have pics but have been lurking on the board for awhile.... I know a lot of these products have minimal effect on the enlarged nipples but will it help the gland under it....?...or 'diet aid of questionable value' reducing fat in mammary gland as advertised?.... I am starting to do serious training and want to look perfect...  would like to avoid surgery if possible...

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idk man, im dying to see this one drug that works for everyone.. so far there have been lotsa names (nolvadex, 'diet aid of questionable value' etc) but you always hear people who say it did not work for them. i think the best thing to do is either try it on yourself or wait to see a drug that everyone is satisfied with.
as for 'diet aid of questionable value', some people said it works, some said it doesn't.

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none of that crap is going to get rid of existing glandular tissue. if you have pseudo-gyne (ie fatty deposits behind your nipples that is not truely glandular tissue) then dieting/workout and some of these fatburning products can help to reduce it. if it's glandular then the only way to rid yourself of it is to go under the knife

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I have the same issue.. I feel something behind some loose skin on both of my breasts.. it might be fat, or glandular (I'll admit I don't know what that means), or it might be undeveloped muscle even though I bench press..  how can I find out?

if my efforts are not going to be effective because I "need" surgery, then I'd definitely like to know.

I have enlarged nipples, as well.

It's been over two years since I lost 140 pounds, so my skin has likely stopped "returning to normal"


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