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Hi! Well I been dieting and moderate exercse since june which i weighed 315Lb. Now i weigh 244. about 71lbs i lost. Im not sure if this is normal but last week i was 257 and a week later 244 that possible? because i joined a gym  and pushed my self pretty hard to work out..any ways im not sure if i have gyno from what i seen and read i dont feel a gland or look puffy. can it be just fat? there kinda big.. i havent seen any reduction really.. if i keep going will i see maybe some mayor reduction?

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Very rarely do you notice reduction by looking in a mirror, go look at some old pics. Secondly, there will be a reduction simply because YOU DID have fat on your chest and some of it WENT AWAY. I capitalize those 4 words to reiterate it's not all gland.

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Just keep working at it.  It might not be gyno at all.  A mirror can be your best friend though, forget the scales.  The reason you went from one weight to another so quickly was probably due to water retention or something of the other.  Keep up the cardio, eat right and lift weights and you shoudl soon find out if you have gyno or not.


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