Author Topic: DOes zinc work?  (Read 6291 times)

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Does zinc really help with gyn?

Any user stories or pics?

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Here is a laymans point of view.

The subject of zinc has come up a few times in the last couple of years probably because zinc is a natural aromatise inhibitor.  Put simply an aromatise inhibitor is something which reduces or prevents the conversion of testosterone to oestradiol in the body.  Manufactured aromatise inhibitors are widely used in the treatment of breast cancer and should only be used under medical supervision.

Some people do use zinc supplements but it could be argued that a healthy diet should be enough to provide all the zinc a body needs.  However some people do use zinc supplements to help control their hormonal balance or boost their immune system.  I would suggest, like all things in life, moderation is the key word here.  Overdosing on zinc can cause chest pain; dizziness; fainting; shortness of breath; vomiting; yellow eyes or skin.  Lowering oestradiol levels too much either by using aromatise inhibitors or too much zinc, can be very harmful.

If you think you need more zinc I would urge you talk to your doctor first.  If there is any doubt that your hormonal balance isn’t correct then get a full hormonal assessment done and take advice from a good Endocrinologist.  Messing with your hormones is not to be taken likely and best left to an Endocrinologist.

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Excellent post Time.

Just to add that there are actually binding domains within the androgen receptors that are actually made to respond to zinc and that a lack of zinc is known to actually cause delayed puberty.  Men who are deficient in zinc can sometimes actually notice an increase in testicle size when taking zinc in recommended daily amounts.

It also has an anti aromatase effect that has been well covered in the above post.

As time sugested it should not just be used beause you have gynecomastia.  Men with gynecomastia should get an endocrine referral to try and ascertain the cause of their gynecomastia.

If you do not have an underlying issue, its use in RDA- amounts is fine, but perhaps it is not going to do too much for your gynecomastia- you might see a helath benefit though.


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