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Since my surgery I lost 30 lbs, in 11 weeks.  ;D From 185 to 155.
No exercise, I just mow lawns 6-7 hours a day in 90-100 degree temps.  :-[
Ive been eating a whole grain cereal @ 6am, breakfast bar and fruit are yogert @ 9:30am Turkey are chicken sandwich and sometimes some vegitables @11 am A light snack, granola bar are fruit @2pm  and a lean cuisne, are chicken breast and salad @ 5pm. I eat 2-3 meals a week out  and get something healthy.  I pretty much feel like I starve my self some days, but Im still loosing the weight.  
Now Ive lost most the weight I need to and want to start working out, weights, bike, and maybe get a tred mill. Im just wondering if I should start eating more, are just keep it about the same?  Thanks for any coments.

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If you are trying to put on muscle mass then you will have to consume more calories or stop burning your calories by mowing lawns.  

Your eating enough meals throughout the day (I would add another meal after 5)  and it seems like you're getting enough protein.  I would lay off the cardio at the gym if you're trying to put on muscle and up my calorie intake with some more protein.  It sounds as if you're a skinny guy.  

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You can still pack on muscle with cardio.  Lots of people choose not to do it because they want optimal muscle gain.  To me I like the fact of staying healthy and when it comes around to losing some of the fat I gained from my bulk it becomes a lot easier to do.  Just got to eat more.
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