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Hey there....

Last night in the parking lot at the gym, I saw a guy eating in his truck. Obviously he didn't want to wait till he got home to eat.

I read somewhere that you should eat as soon as you are finished your work-out if possible and do not wait any longer than 20 min. Is ths very critical? What if I waited an hour to get some nutrients into my body? Would I be hindering the muscle repair process? Should I take some food with me to the gym so I can eat right after my w/o?


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Actually the best thing you can do is have a PWO (post workout shake).. This would ideally combine protein and a fast acting carb such as dextrose. This will spike insulin levels, delivering protein to the muscles faster which is VERY critical within 15 minutes of finishing a workout!

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yup....whey protein right afterwards, and when your a teenager, you dont have "meals" you eat constantly all day.


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