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I joined a gym a few weeks back in order to loose 50 lbs or more, but havent shown up yet. Please share your experience with going to the gym the first time being overweight with gyno.

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Don't take shit from anyone.  I wasn't overweight when I first went, and it was in highschool where I started (which I am still in)  If anyone says anything to you regarding your weight, darn em.  Don't worry bout what they're gonna say to you.  Imagine yourself alone, in the zone; w/e will make you hit that gym and look slimmer down the road.  Don't be intimidated by ANYONE; just go there and do your stuff.  So get your arse off that computer chair and hit that gym! ;)  GL

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You shouldn't have anything to worry about, most people are there to do their own workouts and mind their business.  You can probably get a lot of tips from people there too on the types of things that could help with improving your fitness.  It might be intimidating at first, but don't  feel intimidated by the others, everyone is there for their own reasons, so do your own workout and you'll be fine.

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Everyone at the gym started sometime. Don't let your being out of shape prevent you from getting in shape. You have to start somewhere.

I'm 30 now and started working out at the gym when I was 17. I remember being a little timid, but that only lasted a week or so. Plus, I was in good shape anyways.

Today, a lot of people are heavy and you won't be the only heavy person in the gym.

Just make sure you know what you're doing. Hire a personal trainer or pay for some training sessions if your gym offers those. Nothing looks worse than a person lifting weights who has no idea what they are doing. You could injure yourself as well as others. That's the only thing I'd worry about... "do I know what I'm doing or not?"


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