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Right now i'm at 22%, I want to bring it down to about 15%. So, is cardio the best way to go? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you.

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Bottom line..... you wanna lean out??   cut out the carbs and sugars!!!

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i just eat carbs in the morning for energy through the day. i think you burn it off the rest of the day. at least when you exercise.

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Bottom line..... you wanna lean out??   cut out the carbs and sugars!!!

I have cut out 99% of my carb intake and have lost 13 lbs. since Jan. 1st.

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Consider lifting weights and increasing your protein intake.  Building muscle is a surfire way to lose weight while resting.  The more muscle you have on you, the more calories your body has to burn to support that muscle.

As for cutting carbs, as said earlier, that is also going to help you lose weight.  Eating carbs earlier in the day is a great idea, you'll burn them off during the day.  For supper go light on the carbs, and make sure you're eating whole grains/whole wheat.  Completely cut out all unnecessary sugars (non-diet sodas, candies, chocolates).  Limit your fruits and fruit juices to earlier in the day as well.

And finally keep the fat to recommended daily amounts or a bit less.

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cutting carbs is a great way to help lose fat. combined with resistance training (ie weights) is a great way to reduce your BF%. following a plan like this you'll lose fat while gaining muscle, which will be attacking that BF% from both sides.

i've seen guys (hell i've done it myself), drop 5%-10% BF by simply getting strict with the diet and hitting the weights hard.

that said, cardio is always a good thing in any workout regiment. not only for losing weight but for just general well-being.


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