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Hey guys, I'm just curious to know what kind of different lifting routines any of you have experimented with?  I've been going through the internet a lot lately looking up all kinds of information on fitness, nutrition, and lifting.  I found one program called "great guns in twelve weeks".
Only weeks 1-3 are listed but it seems like a decent program.  Any other sites out there with good information and/or lifting programs?

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Annon----You've stumbled upon T-mag. This is the best site for training information on the net. Period. The author of that article is strength coach Ian King. He has several articles on T-mag. use the search engine on the site and look up his name, or his article title Heavy Metal. Also search for the following names. Don Alessi, Coach John Davies, Pavel Tsatsouline, Chad Waterbury, Charles Staley & Charles Poliquin.

As for routines to look, up try these:
Escalating Density Training (EDT)
Meltdown Training 1 & 2
German Volume Training
GVT 2000
5 x 5
1 x 6
Fat to Fire
100 Reps
Beginners Blast Off program
Ian Kings Limping program

You'll be reading for weeks. Lot's to learn in these articles. The new issue comes out every Friday at 5 pm.


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i just started phase 4 (the final 3 weeks) of the great guns in 12 weeks program by ian king, and i'm very pleased.  i can tell a big difference in the definition of my arms, and the size too but not to the same extent.  the good thing about the workout is that it mixes things up enough that you don't get bored with it, and he gives you some exercises to do that you don't normally do.  i'm going to try his upper body workout next.

also, i gained a lot of muscle last year doing a workout routine i got from men's health magazine.  it was called the "cover model workout" or something like that, it was also a 12-week program if i remember correctly, and i was VERY pleased.  

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Don't try to bulk the chest.  Type IV Gynecomastia is "Hypertrophy of the Pectoral Muscle".   Low Weight and hig reps is safer.  Also try to use other muscles to burn fat.  Fat stores Estrogen.  

Keep your hands off your boob(s).  Touching or rubbing can cause the growth.


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