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Hey, I'm 19, weigh 180 and am 6'1".  While this is a fairly normal weight for people of my size I unfortunately have a case of a "gut" complete with love handles.  I used to be fairly overweight, but since I reached college and started eating less and excercising more I am somewhat slimmer now that I was.

I'm having gyne surgery in less than a month, that will be issue "A" taken care of, but despite how much cardio I do daily my gut (and it's love handles) doesn't seem to get any smaller.  I was wondering if you had any further suggestions or excersise ideas.  Thanks in advance!

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I'd look at the 8 or so posts below this one.  There is alot of information that people have been posting.

Remember, losing the weight (and the gut) will take time and its a gradual process.  Do some research and start a diet that limits your calories (and carbs).   Cardio will help you melt fat off as well.

Be sure to read through some of the previous posts.  I think you'll find alot your questions have already been answered.
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