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Can anyone suggest some exercises to help me reduce the extra weight I have in my breasts? I'm 19, 5' 8.5", and I weigh 215 lbs. I don't have gynecomastia, I just have man-breasts from being an unactive, overweight writer - a lot of sitting at a desk for the past seven years with junk food in my hand:

I am on a diet program and I'm starting to get into exercising, but I can't seem to find one that will help to reduce my breasts. They aren't huge or anything, but they are big enough to make me feel uncomfortable with myself. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

(And you have no idea how great it feels that I can be open about myself here and not worry about being humiliated)

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Start by loosing the flab and dieting. Get your core diet corrected long term. Start building your foundation by improving your cardiovascular condition. Since you still look somewhat obese I suggest walking or cycling. Fun and easy on the joints (knees). Once you've got that going, hit the gym. I dont think working massive amounts of chest for example would help but I would rather suggest normal balanced routine.  Hit the gym 2-3 a week, work up the intensity while not forgetting your cardio vascular training. Throw in some stretching and keep that up for a year and you'll start to see the best you can get.

Good luck.
Surgery on 11th of May. *gulp*


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