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hey all
i am 15 years old and am pretty fat for my age, I have man boobs and weigh around 190-200 lbs. ive been like this since around 6th grade, not teh 190-200 lbs though. I have been having this for quite a long time, and i really want to get rid of it.

I have been controlling my meals, but not exercising. It hasnt really shown up. I think that if it was gynecomastia, it would have gone away by now

right now my options are
surgery- to get rid of fat easily
fat burning pills/good diet/exercise

i really want to burn off these fat and man boobs quickly, as i really dont want to remain like this
my friend recommended Zantrex 3 and a good steady workout every day. Also, a good diet

he is 18, so i dont know if i can trust him. i am going to ask here, and to my doctor, what i should do

please give me some suggestions to burn fat or direct me in teh way of Fat burning supplements. i dont want anything harmful, as i hear heart attacks, and death are caused by some of these products. something safe

i think it may be my metabolism as well, i never seem to burn any fat

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Since you're 15, there is a chance that the gyne will go.  And you're doing well with starting to watch what you eat, but you shold definately do some exercise if you want to see beter and quicker results.  I don't know if I'd recommend taking any fat burning supplements as you can really do it on your own, with a bit of work.  

You should do some cardio, get on a treadmill, eleptical, bike, stairmaster, whatever works, even playing sports.  Do it for at least 3 times per week, for a minimum of 25  minutes each time. You may not be able to do 25 minutes your first few times, which is fine, just work your way up.  If you watch what you eat and do cardio, you'll definately see some changes in your body, but you also have to realize that this takes a bit of time, there's no quick fix.  Also, doing some weight lifting, nothing extensive, very low weights, that will help you in the fat burning process and also give you some strength.  If you can afford it (or if your parents can and don't mind), I would suggest you join a gym, maybe take a couple of personal training session and have a trainer give you an exercise plan focusing on your goals (your parents would probably have to co-sign for you to join the gym, though).

You're still young, so you have to be patient and let things take their course before making a final decision on surgery (which you may or may not end up needing), as much as this sucks to hear.
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well, here's an update
ive been working out, and my gut's reduced a little, and ive been eating right, ive been lifting, benching, elliptical, and running

im in ok shape, down to like 30-35% bf from 55%
but now that i can feel some muscle on my chest, and arms and stuff, my man boobs are sagging pretty bad, and they're actually more saggier than they were when i was fat

so what do i do now?


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