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I'm Currently 18 and 5'10-5'11 ish and weighting 178-184 lbs (i know i know, i stopped working out because it made my chest stick out more).

Anyways i have already cut out all the junk food except maybe 1 night a week, i dont drink except one to two nights a month and it is usually rather excessive (7-8 beers, 3-4 shots). My consultation is in sept surjury probly oct or september, i was just hoping to get some info:

Currently what i do
150 (10 reps per set of 3)
i do 30 lbs' on the biceps/triceps (10/3)
i do about 50 sit ups (50/3 sets)
I do a leg raise and calf raise on the bench press leg extension.

I am gonna start working in cardio everyday of maybe 25-40 mins of jogging or 30-45 mins of biking (seems easier) which would be more beneficial for loosing weight?

Should i re-start the benching process or just keep doing what i do now since i don't know if this will help or make it worse?

(I just got a friends id and went clubbing, and its horrible with gyne so keep that in mind with the above )

Also would a full set of gym equipment be better at home i just have the bench and leg workout extension? (i am hoping to work out at home when i'm not in school (now to september to get a good start and beef up a little)

Any other tips you can give or exercises to either help heavily with abs or the pectorial?

Also would the cardio above plus those two minor leg exercises be enough for leg workouts?

and how should i work the back?
assuming the bench press doesn't help with this

i'm 18 but my parents are rather tall my dad is 6'4 and didn't grow until he was 19+ he went from 5'8 ish to 6'4 i'm praying for a similar outcome.....


is it possible to grow after 18+ if i do the cardio every day (hail or rain!)?
i get usually alot of protein/dairy/vitamin C i started up the multivitamin and i usually get either more then enough fruits and some vegetables or vice versa (i cant get both for the life of me right now)

oh and some weight lifting q's?

I heard there's a genetic peak or soemthing at which you max out and can't really push past, is this true or just ignorant b/s on the internet?

I'm of indian genes and i find it hard to move up but my cousin is ripped and the opposite but i thought i'd still ask?

And is whey-time controlled protein good enough or is creatine SIGNIFICANTLY (ephasis) better, i was told to steer clear of it but was just wondering ?
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