Author Topic: In need of some post op exercising & nutrition advice.  (Read 2891 times)

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I had surgery on 24th of sept (just incision on both sides). I recently discovered regrowth on left side. Doctor told me she removed both glands completely. They  both are inverted except left side until now. Can someone recommend any exercises to stop or reduce regrowth. Nutritional advice as well, I'm not about to let this return again. 

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Have you considered the possibility that it's scar tissue building up? The time frame seems right.

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I have a simple exercise and nutrition idea for you. In exercise you should do running daily. In nutrition try to eat fruits and vegetables for energy and health.

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Can someone recommend any exercises to stop or reduce regrowth?

As far as im concerned impossible, that is why people get the surgery because that gland tissue does not respond to exercise but exercise is good for overall health so keep at it.
It wasn't too long ago so it could be scar tissue, how about letting your surgeon know so she can treat it appropriately 


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