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I have recently found that oats with skimmed milk is a delicious snack.  I looked on the packet and apparently they're like 8% fat (but low in saturated fats), also they are quite calorific.

So my question is - Oats: Will they hinder my weight loss programme?
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i believe with oats-  the carbs is the question..

you want to stay away from a lot of carbs because they turn into sugar, but you need some,, to keep your body's energy up.

to be honest i'm not sure with oats-- but i imagine that like everything else, it's okay as long as it's in moderation.

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i would have to say that the oat is probably nature's most perfect food.

make sure you're not eating the instant flavored-oats... like Peaches n' Cream, etc. That stuff is garbage.

Make sure you're eating Old Fashioned Oats... the kind you cook stovetop.

Don't eat them any later than 3PM, though, and make sure you have some protein with them.

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oops.  I just munched a load after coming back from the pub


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