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Hello Guys,
Please see my pics:

Please reccomend me some exercises! Will it go down by working out? I am though very fat:
My height: 5'5
weight: 74 kgs(163lbs)

Has any one reduced atleast 30 to 40% of their size by working out?

Please advice me guys,Though I have joined Gym but im doin more of cardio right now.

Please let me know specific exercises for toning and reducing my chest.

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first i recommend meeting a Plastic surgeon regarding your gyno... however, losing weight never hurt anyone so i can give you some pointers at losing fat and not losing muscle.
1) eat 6-7 meals (i recommend 7 and 200 calories in every meal)
2) more carbs in the morning (not too much ofcourse) and always make sure you have protien in your blood, eat cottage cheese cartons, egg whites, chicken breast (1% fat) tuna in water (just not too much of this coz of the things tuna eats, not more than a can a day).
3) drink above 3 litters of water a day, cold water is better because the body spends 20% more energy on getting them down and your metabolism is faster.
4) if youre hungry eat vegies, i recommend cuccumbers  you can eat even 10 a day
5) eat up to 3 fruits, in the morning - noon time is the best.
6) cardio.. well i think you should run 25 minutes after everytime you work out (except when you have legs workout because then you might over-workout)
on the days you dont work out run 50 minutes. try making your week like this: work out for an hour, run 25 minutes, next day 50 minutes, next day legs work out, next day 50 minutes, next day workout + 25 mins and so on.
7) cheating! favorite part in every diet, you can eat something you like that is not on the menu in 5%-10% of your meals (i.e you eat 49 meals a week then you can have 2-4 cheats that week) a cheat can be a slice of pizza, 2 scoops of icecream.. my favorite cheat is cornflakes.
8) good luck!


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