Author Topic: press ups and sit ups evvery day?  (Read 2933 times)

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hey for general toning and and to look better, should i do press ups and sits up everyday, or have a break between days to let them grow a bit. i dont go tot he gym but do 200 press ups and 200 sits ups in the morning. im not getting very good results though

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sit-ups you can do every day if you want but most other muscles should require a rest period, i never recomend a program of just situps and push-ups, its not very worth while. if you dont belong to gym, try getting a pull up bar and try a workout of pushups, situps, chinups, and dips, you can use a coffee table and a couch for the dips. do it every other day, your muscles need at least a day to recover

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Even for "washboard abs" you gotta actually build the muscle. In order to build the muscle you apply progressive resistance to it, thus making it grow. In order for the muscle to grow it needs to recover.

So, would you train your legs daily with same weight every day? I think not.

Also you should train your back as well. Back muscles and abdonominal muscles work _together_ in maintaining the natural posture of your torso. Same goes for the chest too.
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