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hey all,

I am just going to explain my case of gyno to you all and i am just curious as to what u would all suggest since you know more about gyno then i do.

When i hit about 7th grade i started to gain weight, no big deal, gettin to that age, gettin ready for the growth spurt, whatever.  I never really realized it at the time but i developed some breasts.  They werent anything too bad but they were there.  I also noticed so lumps behind my nipples.  I didnt think of it as a big deal because all my friends noticed lumps behind theres as well.  As the years went on i still had the small breasts and figured that a growth spurt would take care of em.  From my 7th grade year to senior year i did hit a growth spurt and now i am about 6'1" 180lbs so i am by no means overweight.  The problem i have is with the fact that my breasts are still somewhat large.  I have decent sized pecs, so that makes my shirt look well rounded and broad and i have never had anyone comment on my chest or noticing anything different about them.  My nipples do have puff to them as well.  The one on the right isnt bad at all, and i cant feel very little or no gland behind it, but there is still lose skin or something over the pec so my skin doesnt fit up tight against my pec.  The left one is the problem, but i dont think it is that severe.  It seems that there is gyno under it but it is about an inch behind the puffy nipple and seems very flat and shape fitting to my pec.  Also, when my nipples become stimulated from cold weather or whatever, my pecs just look large and well shaped but if you touch them you would notice that there is some excess fat on the left but not the right.  Also, I noticed that when i play with it alot the gyno seems to get bigger and sore. Basically my question is what can i do or what is my best bet for getting rid of this?  Would doing some hardcore lifting and/or running help to reduce the appearance of the breast size.  I know that i cant get rid of the gyno without surgery but i think that it isnt severe enough to need surgery.  Also i dont exactly eat the best either and would eating right be something that would make a difference?  Also, I am only 19 years old so is there still a possibility that it may go away on its own(20 in about 5 months)


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