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I have tried and failed before but this time I've got a new level of motivation and want to make it work this time round.

I used to go to the gym, do about 1 hour maybe more of cardio then sometimes do some weights, this was a bit boring and to be honest I didn't really notice any significant results.

I didn't go for a couple of months, but now I'm back and I've changed my outlook on training.

Monday : Rock Climbing (indoor walls, about 30-1hr)
Tuesday : Gym - 10 mins HIIT running 10 mins HIIT cross trainer (interval training) then 30 mins or so of weight training
Weds: Rest
Thurs: Gym as tuesday
Friday: Rest at the minute, but tennis when I find a tennis partner!
Sat: Gym as per tuesday or some other sport, whatever really.. mountain biking maybe..
Sun: Whatever... mtbing, sport, anything..

Does this sound okay? my aims are to lose BF, tone up and get stronger.

My diet isn't perfect but its so hard to find out what to eat, a lot of people are saying give up this this this and this but I can't stick to that?? I gave up fizzy drinks, and now drink diet drinks, no where near as much as I used to. I don't eat as much junk as I used to... I try to drink more water and have healthier meals, but my diet is by no means great.

Should I drink protein shakes before workouts too , will this actually help in any way or is it only for serious body builders?


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