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looking at the following paragraph as a whole, you probably won't want to read it because of all the numbers but read it anyway:

male, age 18, 5'6", 165-170lbs, about medium i'm trying to get in shape.  I saw the billy's bootcamp box set in the health/fitness isle, guaranteeing results in 7 days- bought it.  In the box is 3 dvds and a "7-day success plan" eating guide, which is basically kind of a low-carb thing- you eat 3 meals a day and snack in-between meals.  The meals are set up so they equal 1200 calories a day, but there's a side caption that states that males should increase their calorie intake to 1800, and it lists a number of snacks you can have, including chicken breasts, peanuts, etc... so i've been doing that and I've been doing the 55 minute workout every other day, as ordered.  its day 7 and i don't really feel different, and i weigh the same.  ever since the growth spurt always been between 165-170, fluctuating throught the day- actually now that i think about it, i might have been 175lbs once, maybe over a year ago, but only for a short period... now, i never actually expected to lose alot of weight in 7 days, but i've tried a billy blanks tape before and the workout was pretty fun and makes you feel good afterwards, but i never stuck with it... so i thought that this new and updated one would be the workout i was going to stick to for a while- plus i had "seen it on tv" before.  i say allll that to ask this:  how do you get into shape (burn fat and tone) if you didn't have a daily fixed eating schedule/ caloric intake before, and not a fixed time of going to bed and/or amount of daily sleep? (from what i've read, sleeping is important in weight loss, and weight loss comes from decreasing your caloric intake) please comment and give me some tips!
 -second question: getting thru each set of workouts is tough, so i tend to pause the dvd and rest for about 30-60 seconds- i may do this about 5 times throughout the whole 55 minute workout... now, is it bad to bring your heart rate down when exhausted, then go right back to the workout which increases your heart rate again?
 - spank you very much
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let me see if I can help you out with some of your post:

It sounds like you want to shed fat and gain muscle.  Ive never liked those workout tapes or anything you see on infomercials.  There is a tried and true way to success and you only need two things: 1)running shoes 2)weights.

First things first, this is going to be a long process.  We are talking months and maybe even a year.  Give yourself at least 3 months before expecting results.  Your body will change in that time, but very little will happen within a weeks time.  If you do happen to lose weight, it will mostly be water.

Im only going to give you a primer because the information is out there.  You are going to have to do some research.  Basically, losing weight can be summed up into eating less calories that you burn.  You should heavily restrict your calories and especially your carbs.  Ive made a few posts pertaining to this, you should actually read the post above this one about the guy who hasnt lost a pound yet (since the he's actually lost weight, which is great).  That has a great deal of information to get you started.

Invest in some weights or join a gym.  There are ways you can move your body and use that to gain muscle, but I doubt many people on these boards could assist you (I dont know a whole lot about using your bodyweight to gain muscle).  

Dont worry about pausing during your workouts and resting.  I see too many people come into the gym and think they have to go balls out everytime.  Eventually these people get frustrated and give up because they think they are failing.  Eventually your body will build up stamina and you'll be able to dance with Billy for the duration of the tape.  Take it slow.

I hope this was enough info to get you started.
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