Author Topic: Shorts, bikinis, thongs and off the beach  (Read 2179 times)

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The swimwear 2010 includes two items that can not miss in wardrobe summer female . The first item of clothing is the bikini, which allows two pieces of the sun better than all other models in bathing suits and that more is a real symbol of femininity and seduction.

Another item of clothing to take with him on the beach is the sarong , preferably long, colorful and made ​​of thin material and fluttering, suitable to cover, but not too much, your body. 2010 launched the fashion pareos long but left uncovered shoulders and back, or shirts with stripes or flowers to wear for the summer evenings by the sea over a pair of leggings or jeans.

The sarongs are accessories to fashion but also prove very useful when you are on the beach and want to take a walk, go out to eat in the restaurant or other establishment. The classic models can be used instead of towels under the bed is comfortable and also to cover the shoulders or other areas of the body when you do not want to get too much sun.Once on the beach but do not think only about how to be beautiful and fashionable, always wear your sunglasses to protect eyes from UV and sun cream suitable to your skin type.


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