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This is gonna be a little hard to explain but here it goes, I noticed that for instance on myself my stomach and abs are constructed differently then most peoples. My rib cage seems to slightly stick out more on the bottom which is around the stomach area. This also causes my skin to be pushed out more and then the stomach where the abs are, looks as if I am sucking my stomach in to hide my belly or something. I noticed this a while ago, and it seems like gaining a 6 pack this way could be much harder then for people whos rims dont stick out. Like when I look at my brother it seems like his muscle is above his ribs or at the same level, but for my my ribs are pushed out more then my abs. I started working on my abs for a month now, and I gained some muscle, but its gonna take like 10 times more the effort for me to gain abs then people who dont have this problem. Its not really a problem but for me it is, since its kind of lame. But when I tighten my abs I they then all on the same line as my ribs and it looks normal. Here are some pictures of what I mean...

Here is a example of what I mean....My ribs dont stick this much out, they are not even noticable like this but this is the best example.

here is a example of a slim guy but no ribs sticking out....

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